Discover Tindall’s Total Precast Data Centers


It’s hard to say which is more valuable today, data or diamonds. Companies rely on massive amounts of data for everything from analytics to daily operations, so it is essential that it lives someplace safe and secure. When you need to store and protect data, you need a durable facility that’s up for the task. You also need a partner with the experience and initiative to create that structure. Tindall offers high-performance total precast solutions with the kind of security, resiliency, and efficiency needed for mission critical facilities.

Tindall’s expert team of engineers works tirelessly to lower life cycle costs, accelerate schedules, and provide designs with the flexibility to handle major changes late in the process. And, when it comes to the most complex challenges, our experienced Research and Development team is capable of creating truly innovative solutions. Keeping data secure is serious business, and there’s no material better suited for the job than precast. To learn more about Tindall’s total precast data centers, get in touch with our resident expert and Business Development Manager for Commercial Applications, Tim Gainey.

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