Norfolk Southern Birmingham Regional Intermodal Facility


Norfolk Southern


HNTB Corporation


E.S. Wagner


Birmingham, AL


20’ and 42’ spans

Utilized custom earth anchors

Two viaducts with railroad crossing

Spans rated for Cooper E80 live loads

Double the Challenge, Double the Reward.

Spanning hundreds of feet of sensitive wetlands with a precast concrete viaduct can be a daunting task. Having to build two viaducts doubles that challenge. Tindall's technical competence, along with their extensive work history of building bridges for Norfolk Southern, gave the owner confidence that Tindall would once again exceed expectations. Tindall's vast production capabilities gave the contractor the scheduling assurances he needed to meet the required installation date.


Tindall was the single-source supplier of spans for this project, fully integrated in the construction from design to delivery. Tindall designed, manufactured, and shipped all precast components, and was on site during installation to ensure a quality finished product. The combination of these factors helped finish Birmingham Regional Intermodal Facility on time and within budget.

To complete this project, Tindall utilized 42’ spans x 9’ rises. Each of the 6 bays of the east viaduct, and 7 bays of the west, made use of spans rated for Cooper E80 live loads. Tindall also utilized custom earth anchors to support the 14.5’ wing walls.

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