Tindall Highlights Employees Who Foster in Honor of National Foster Care Month

Tindall Corporation is dedicated to supporting their employees both personally and professionally. Two Tindall team members, Stephen Green and Kelly Scheib, recently became licensed foster parents and are now actively fostering children. With the help of their coworkers, they have been able to work flexible schedules as their families welcome new children into their homes.

Stephen Green, Designer at Tindall, and his wife began the process 10 months ago after recognizing a need within their community. Licensing requirements include an extensive interview, training and evaluation process, including several home visits with caseworkers. A comprehensive fire and sanitation home inspection is completed by the local Fire Marshal. Meeting the criteria, the Green family prepared for the major life change of introducing a child into their home with their other children. They relied heavily on the support of their community, the services of Miracle Hill Ministries, and Tindall to make the transition a success.

“The best part has been seeing the children begin to thrive,” said Green of the foster care experience. “No matter how challenging the process has been, the most critical requirement for fostering is simple: be able to provide a safe, stable, and loving home to a child who needs it.”

Kelly Scheib, Vice President of Human Resources at Tindall, completed the licensing process in a short three months due to their eagerness to receive a placement as quickly as possible. In most cases, children enter foster care because they cannot safely remain in their homes. Some are faced with social, emotional, behavioral or physical difficulties due to abuse or neglect. Foster children can range in age from birth to 18 years old. While placement is intended to be temporary, some children become available for adoption.

“We accepted that our hearts might get broken through this process, but it’s nothing compared to the heartbreak these children experience. We find comfort in knowing that we gave a child love when they needed it the most,” said Scheib. She urges anyone who is considering fostering to make the commitment and provide these children with nurturing homes.

Tindall supports several charities that benefit children currently in the system, including Hope Center for Children, a group home organization committed to supporting the needs of South Carolina at-risk children and families. Tindall has consistently provided monetary and volunteer support, including donating to annual toy drives. Families like the Greens and Scheibs encourage everyone to support this cause in any way they can.

To learn more, visit https://dss.sc.gov/

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