Tindall Produces Precast to Blend with the Blue Ridge Mountains

Tindall Corporation’s ability to execute stunning architectural designs with structural integrity is showcased again with the completion of the visually-striking Asheville Airport Parking Structure.

Beginning in February 2017, Tindall had just nine short months to have this parking structure fully operational for holiday travel season. The Asheville Airport recognized a growing demand with Western North Carolina travelers. This parking structure was part of their master plan to serve the needs of the surrounding areas. Partnering with American South General Contractors of Asheville, NC, Tindall was able to turn 400 parking spaces into 1,300 with this 343,884-square-foot structure.

“Like the Blue Ridge Mountains, precast is resilient and can withstand the test of time,” said Greg Force, President and CEO of Tindall Corporation. “This parking structure showcases our team’s ability to execute intricate, yet durable precast flawlessly.”

Located just outside the terminal entrance, the Asheville Airport Parking Structure features an elaborate design of mountain ridges on the spandrels. Tindall’s precast reveals were achieved through form-lined patterns and a sandblast finish. A significant amount of the airport’s parking was displaced during construction. Tindall was able to successfully deliver this expeditious project completion with limited site disruption.

The structure not only increases convenience for travelers, but it creates efficient traffic flow to and from the airport under a covered walkway. The stunning architectural elements provide a beautiful first impression of Asheville while blending seamlessly with the area’s iconic natural surroundings.

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