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Tindall is transforming stair and elevator tower design.

After more than 50 years of developing innovative, time-saving precast solutions, Tindall turned its attention to stair and elevator towers. The result? A modular, self-supported tower system consisting of four-sided monolithic stacking units. These towers benefit from all of the typical precast advantages, like inherent fire resistance, enhanced structural soundness, and consistent quality. But, one advantage towers above the rest: unrivaled speed.

Tindall’s turnkey solution to stair and elevator towers can be erected in a matter of days, requiring only one crane and a small crew. When compared to the large crews, scaffolding, safety concerns, skilled trades, and scheduling issues of other construction methods, the advantages of Tindall’s precast design are clear.

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Tindall is putting new technology to work.

There are those out there that say, “New isn’t always better.” But at Tindall, we believe that it’s only through constant innovation that we’re able to tackle the most unique and complex challenges. This commitment to improving our processes and products through creative solutions, hard work, and the early adoption of new technologies recently led to our acquisition of a Miller PerformArc 750S Robot Welding Machine in our Virginia Division, and a new CNC router at our Georgia Division. 

The PerformArc 750S is three times more productive than manual welding, and its turntable design allows the operator to continue working in tandem with the robot. This machine is capable of welding bearing plates, chord connectors, foundation connections, and flange connectors. The CNC router, capable of cutting plywood, Styrofoam, and high-density plastic, was originally purchased for use with stair applications. Today, the team utilizes the machine for both normal and special form work.

The only way to create exceptional work is by having the right tools for the job.

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Employee Spotlight

At Tindall, we like self-starters — those with enthusiasm, integrity, and the drive to make things happen. And few people embody those qualities like Tim Gainey. A member of the Tindall team for more than 20 years, Tim has been conquering challenges and exceeding expectations at every turn — no matter what role he’s playing. Today, he is more than just a consultant. Tim is an industry expert that delivers on his promises and ensures success by being involved in every aspect of a project, from start to finish. But, how did he get here?

In 1997, Tim began his career at Tindall’s Virginia Division as a member of the loading crew, and in less than two years, he had risen to help develop, implement, and maintain a precast storage system that is still being used to this day. Over the next twenty years, Tim met challenge after challenge head on, eventually becoming a Senior Project Manager, where he was responsible for oversight of all aspects of projects from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.

Now, Tim is preparing to take on his next adventure as the Business Development Manager for Commercial Applications. Currently focusing on the data center initiative, Tim will oversee new business development for all commercial applications and total precast opportunities in his new role, including office buildings, podium, mixed use, and education. Time and time again, Tim takes on new roles, more complex challenges, and greater responsibilities. So, if his exceptional track record is any indication, he’ll continue to excel and grow in this new position — no question about it.”

Dollar General

Jackson, GA

This colossal one-million-square-foot project required 466,026 square feet of insulated wall panels. With incredible speed and precision, Tindall was able to meet the aggressive construction schedule by utilizing two nearby plants.

Orlando International Airport

Orlando, FL

When Orlando International Airport needed to expand their complex underpass tunnels, they turned to Tindall to develop the perfect precast solution. Involved since the early stages of the project, Tindall was…

Shem Creek

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Typically, the primary draws of Tindall’s total precast construction are the swiftness of installation, the ability to achieve precise design requirements, and the strength and durability of the materials. While all of…

Polyethelene Plant

Lake Charles, LA

When Tindall first submitted their proposal for this petrochemical plant’s pipe racks and process structures, the plans called for cast-in-place concrete construction. This required Tindall to create a…

Asheville Airport

Asheville, NC

For three consecutive years, Asheville Airport experienced record-breaking passenger service. When Tindall was commissioned to create a new precast parking deck for the airport, they had two goals…

Stone Brewing

Richmond, VA

Located in the heart of Richmond, VA, Stone Brewing is a 220,000-square-foot-facility that produces 600,000 barrels of beer per year. The project had a fast-tracked, 16-month schedule that required…

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