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Our reliable team is dedicated to delivering expertly engineered precast concrete solutions and getting the job done right the first time. If you’re searching for a smart solution to a complex challenge, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Tindall?


Introducing the latest revolution in 100% precast floor systems. Come see how T-SLAB is delivering all the advantages of the industry’s most effective building materials with the strength, speed, and performance of precast concrete.

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tindall workers installing t-slab precast concrete flooring system
tindall worker preparing t-slab prefcast concrete flooring system

Why Choose Precast Concrete?

Precast concrete is one of the most efficient, versatile, and reliable construction materials manufactured today. With greater design flexibility, faster schedules, and unrivaled resilience, precast concrete outclasses more traditional construction methods at every turn. We call that the Precast Advantage, and it’s the reason builders and contractors nationwide turn to Tindall for better solutions.

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Engineered to Serve

How did Tindall grow from a small shed in South Carolina to one of the industry’s leading precast concrete manufacturers? By staying committed to who we are and delivering on our promises — day in and day out.

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High-Performance Solutions

From parking to petrochemical, Tindall offers smart, efficient precast solutions that address the needs of nearly any market. Discover what sets us apart.

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Our Work

We like to think our work can speak for itself. Come explore our collection of finished precast projects from a wide range of design categories.

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Every great project begins with a conversation. If you’re facing a design, timeline, or budget challenge, we’re happy to hear about it.

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