There can be no compromises.

At Tindall, safety is our number one priority at each of our five manufacturing facilities and on every project site.  Tindall personnel — from engineers to production team members — focus on safety first.  Our goal is to minimize risk at every stage of the construction process, from manufacturing to erection.

Total Commitment

Safety first and foremost, every step of the way.

Our Safety Policy

We will adhere to the highest standards for the safe operation of our facilities and jobsites, and the protection of the environment, our people and customers, and the citizens of the communities in which we do business. We will only produce, sell, transport, or dispose of a product in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Tindall Stays Up to Date

As an active member of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), Tindall constantly strives to implement the latest best practices in design, manufacturing, and field service operations.

Less Risk, Less Error

Since precast concrete projects rely on in-plant manufacturing over on-site construction, there are significantly fewer on-site personnel and man hours on any given project. The result is reduced risk of potential delays caused by injury, post-event regulatory action, and litigation.

We incorporate our customers’ site-specific safety guidelines into our operations and require our subcontractors to establish and maintain a site-specific safety plan for each project.

Should an issue arise on a jobsite, our team works closely with the customer’s team to investigate and resolve it. Through a constant emphasis on safety, our management teams are vigilant in training our employees in safe work practices and implementing policies ensuring the same. We closely monitor information gleaned from other incidents within the industry to ensure we are setting our safety standards as high as practicable.

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