Georgia Division

Conley, GA

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) certified for more than 50 years, the 48-acre Georgia Division facility can produce 25,000 square feet of precast concrete daily, including Tindall’s innovative bulb tees that add greater capacity, longer spans, and higher clearance.

The Story

The dedicated employees of Tindall’s Georgia Division are helping create extraordinary precast concrete structures, including mixed-use complexes, commercial buildings, parking decks, and manufacturing and correctional facilities. Tindall manufactures a diverse product mix from within the 118,000 square feet of covered production space and 59,000 square feet of uncovered production space located in Conley. These products include double tees, columns, beams, bulb double tees, wall panels, insulated wall panels, cell modules, and stairs, along with custom pieces for your next project.

Our Precast Concrete Projects

New Hope Medical Office Building

Georgia Division

The New Hope Medical Office Building is a three-story, 23,744-square-foot, total precast structure. The sleek modern...


Two Buckhead Plaza Office Building

Georgia Division

This eight-story, total precast office building features a utilitarian, load-bearing architectural exterior, making it...



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3361 Grant Road

Conley, GA 30288

T 800.849.6383

F 404.366.1738

Georgia Division

  • Rob Smith

    VP & General Manager

    M: 678.244.7924

  • Bruce Campbell

    Technical Sales

    M: 404.694.8281

  • Cory Paterson

    Technical Sales

    M: 850.445.3444

  • Travis Parton

    Technical Sales

    M: 404.989.6849

Note: With six Tindall facilities located throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern, and South-Central United States, each facility can combine forces with other divisions to meet tight schedules or unusually large requirements. No job is too big or too complicated for the Tindall team.

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