Industrial construction challenges span far and wide — and so do our precast concrete framing solutions.

Innovative precast structural concepts meet the myriad of industrial construction requirements, including heavy loadings and long free spans. When standard won’t do, we create custom precast concrete components to solve any challenge.

The Tindall Precast Advantage

Industrial-strength innovations to save time, money, and headaches.

What is Tindall’s precast advantage? It’s reduced design time, factory-controlled manufacturing, simultaneous fabrication and foundation work, and reduced weather impact. The result is reduced time to occupancy by 30% to 65% when compared to other construction methods, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Advantages of precast:

  • With multi-plant manufacturing capabilities, innovative designs, and the ability to meet challenging requirements and timelines, Tindall can take responsibility for the entire precast superstructure — as well as any underground structural components.
  • Single sourcing the entire superstructure expedites construction timelines and reduces costs by facilitating close coordination between the design and construction teams.
  • Precast, prestressed concrete members can accommodate long, clear spans that support heavy loads, promoting flow plan flexibility.
  • Proven floor framing concepts accommodate heavy uniform loads, point loads, and large openings, all while reducing vibration and controlling deflections.
  • Precast concrete components are highly durable and resistant to damage from corrosive environments.
  • Tindall exterior precast members can also be aesthetically enhanced by a wide range of textures, colors, and articulations.
  • When cast as sandwich panels with insulation in the middle, structural wall panels are even more energy efficient. This enhances the already beneficial high thermal mass of concrete.
  • Precast concrete construction reduces on-site labor, congestion, and construction duration. This results in lowered risk levels and minimized environmental impact when compared to other construction methods.

Precast Project Profiles

White Oak Semiconductor Plant 1 & 2

Sandston, VA

After creating a member to span over this project's 90,000-square-foot clean room, Tindall helped set a record delivery of just over 11 months from the start of construction to the plant's first production.


Voridian Chemical Plant

Columbia, SC

Tindall was called in to provide their engineering expertise on this seven-level structure with average floor heights of 24 feet, helping minimize risk of schedule overrun.


Eastover Paper Mill

Richland, SC

Emulating cast-in-place construction for both load capability and vibration control, Tindall set bulb tees in the beam pockets before grouting and overlaying the entire floor with reinforced concrete topping.

Radford Arsenal – NAC/SAC Facility

Radford, VA

For this nine-story acid modernization plant, Tindall provided architectural wall panels, beams, columns, and slabs with over 1,600 openings to accommodate process piping and vessels.

IBM Fishkill

Fishkill, NY

Tindall faced a staggering list of challenges during this project, including harsh weather, and strict escort and policing requirements. But, due to solid planning and strategy, Tindall erected IBM Fishkill in just three months.

Eastman Stair Towers

Kingsport, TN

Tindall provided the creative solution of three 110’-tall stair towers in modular sections. These independently supported towers are much safer during vertical construction than scaffolding.

Gildan Yarns Exhaust Tunnel

Salisbury, NC

For this project, Tindall’s tunnel sections needed to align perfectly with existing exhaust manifolds. Tindall’s smooth steel form finish was delivered without imperfections, preventing future safety hazards.

National Gypsum

Mount Holly, NC

When National Gypsum was ready to expand their wallboard production for the booming Southeast market, Tindall was ready to support their needs for a new manufacturing facility. Their process uses local coal-fired power plants' byproduct to make new wallboard

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