Mixed Use

Nobody brings a mixed-use development together like Tindall.

Versatility, flexibility, and know-how make Tindall the ideal choice for your next mixed-use development project.

The Tindall Precast Advantage

Tindall builds with confidence.

Understanding the complexities involved in mixed-use development projects is a highly sought-after skill. This is where Tindall’s history with unique challenges and special requirements makes the difference. If your mixed-use development project combines parking with retail, medical, residential, office, or any other kind of construction, Tindall can help perfectly bridge the gaps between them.

Expertly engineered precast, prestressed concrete framing systems accommodate heavy loadings, high headroom, and long, free spans. When it comes to aesthetics, a wide selection of architectural finishes helps bring definition to multipurpose structures. To top it off, Tindall’s more than 50 years’ experience brings priceless know-how to any mixed-use development project.

With Tindall, every project is approached on a fast-track schedule. That means opening doors, filling occupancy, and making sales can begin even earlier than projected.

Advantages of precast:

  • Off-site manufacturing and on-time delivery of precast concrete components help reduce site congestion and avoid the impacts of weather.
  • Manufactured finish options — including brick, colored concrete, textured finishes, projecting concrete sections, and reveals — provide an expressive architectural statement.
  • Tindall provides creative solutions for amenity spaces, including swimming pools and gardens.
  • Our experienced team delivers on time and within budget to help you reap the economic benefits of fast-track occupancy.
  • Precast concrete provides fast dry-in and early, safe, level access for interior work.

Precast Project Profiles

Shem Creek Office & Parking Structure

Mt. Pleasant, SC

For Shem Creek, aesthetics were crucial. To achieve the desired look, Tindall utilized a wood grain form liner, brick inlay, and colored concrete with sandblasting — meeting all of the visual criteria using only precast concrete.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Retail/Parking Garage

Virginia Beach, VA

The job: design a building that would conform to the Virginia Beach Town Center concept with a five-level parking deck, two-story retail space, high ceilings, and a massive atrium.



Woodford, VA

The Target mixed-use project combines the best of total precast construction with a steel roof. This lightens the total load and provides abundant natural light. This project’s precast components allow for long spans and open bays in both the garage and store levels.

Belcrest Retail Center

Hyattsville, MD

The design, schedule, and budget advantages of Tindall’s precast, prestressed concrete systems allowed developers to achieve a superior design on a rapid schedule for this project. 

Erato Street Cruise Terminal

New Orleans, LA

This 367,054-square-foot elevated precast concrete structure’s fast-track construction schedule was accelerated by dividing the design into three phases. This build required 1,800 precast pieces.

District at Howell Mill

Atlanta, GA

For this complex construction, Tindall created a Walmart store with over 100’ spans to accommodate truck deliveries at grade level, then stacked big-box retail stores and structural parking on top of it.

Saratoga Street

Baltimore, MD

The goal of this 14-story build was to deliver a total precast solution; one that featured zero structural steel or cast-in-place construction, that was visually stunning, long-lasting, and capable of serving many purposes.

Cornelius Commerce Park — Building 500

Cornelius, NC

Originally, this 165,416-square-foot facility utilized tilt-up and steel design, but when the customer required a more efficient and cost-effective solution, they turned to Tindall to have the plans converted to total precast.

For more information on these mixed-use development projects, download the PDF below.

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