Wall Panel Systems

The benefits of our precast concrete wall panel systems go on and on.

Yes, we did enclose a structure the size of 31 football fields with precast concrete wall panels, but the bigger story is the flexibility, speed of erection, and value of Tindall’s products.

The Tindall Precast Advantage

Converting insulated wall panels from site-cast to precast concrete reduces costs and improves project schedules.

Tindall’s precast, prestressed concrete wall panels offer innovative design features and economical construction solutions. Architects enjoy the broad design flexibility, while general contractors appreciate the quick production time to meet critical deadlines. The best part? Tindall’s precast concrete wall panel systems are as durable as they are versatile, able to stand up to all kinds of abuse, including harsh weather, fire, and natural elements.

Advantages of precast:

  • Accommodate a variety of applications, layouts, and end users
  • Reduce costs with accelerated construction schedules and low maintenance
  • Offer endless combinations of reveals, form liners, and brick inlay
  • Provide load-bearing applications for both steel bar joists and double tees
  • Can be produced in multiple architectural finishes and colors
  • Manufactured in thicknesses from five inches on up for a variety of requirements
  • Used with various types of insulation, including expanded, extruded, and polyiso
  • Deliver fire ratings of up to four hours
  • Offer widths range up to 14 feet
  • Exceed R-value requirements of International Energy Conservation Code


Precast Project Profiles

Stone Brewing

Richmond, VA

Tindall manufactured 79,000 square feet of insulated precast cladding panels that took only three weeks to erect. These sustainable panels contributed to the project's goal of achieving LEED Silver certification.


Dollar Tree Distribution Center

Cherokee County, SC

For this 1.5-million-square-foot distribution facility, Tindall created 336,206 square feet of precast insulated wall panels. These 8” and 9” panels rose up to 50 feet in height and stretched out to 15 feet in width.


St. Pius X Church

Lafayette, LA

By revamping this church’s design to utilize six- and eight-inch-thick precast wall panels, Tindall was able to cut two months off the client’s original erection schedule — and provide a beautiful finished product, at that.

Dollar General

Jackson, GA

This colossal one-million-square-foot project required 466,026 square feet of insulated wall panels. With incredible speed and precision, Tindall was able to meet the aggressive construction schedule by utilizing two nearby plants.

3rd Army HQ at Shaw Air Force Base

Shaw AFB, SC

Tindall utilized a “hard shell” construction method for both security and sound control. The 84,378-square-foot headquarters features architectural accents, including medallions, cornices, and aesthetic finishes.

Washington & Lee Natatorium

Lexington, VA

For this project, Tindall provided 21,400-square-feet of load-bearing wall panels with built-in pilasters to support heavy trusses. The interior trowel finish and exterior sandblasting with thin-set brick helped meet aesthetic requirements.

Greater Richmond Aquatics Partnership

Richmond, VA

Tindall used load-bearing precast panels to enclose the main facility, which included pools, a fitness center, locker rooms, and seating for 700 spectators.

Oak Ridge Medical Facility

Oak Ridge, TN

Meeting an accelerated schedule, Tindall’s precast, prestressed wall panels offered innovative and economical design features and construction solutions.

For more information on these precast concrete wall panel projects, download the PDF below.

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