New Petersburg, VA Parking Structure Blends Functionality with Historical Aesthetics

In 2019, the city of Petersburg, Virginia approved the construction of a new, modern parking facility for the Petersburg Transit Center, a location where hundreds of people parked each day. Historically, visitors to the center were required to park in an open-air asphalt lot, with little to no protection from the elements.

The new parking structure was designed to provide additional security for Transit Center visitors and their vehicles. To ensure quality results, the Petersburg City Council chose Tindall to bring the new Park & Ride facility to life through precast concrete construction.

New Building, Established Style

The Petersburg City Council first approved Petersburg’s Park & Ride project in 2019. The project’s goals were to expand parking capacity and increase the quality of the current lot for city residents. Once completed, the Park & Ride facility would include 216 parking spaces.

Ground broke on the project’s efforts in 2020, but Petersburg quickly realized it would need experts to provide new, dependable structural elements.

Tindall took up the challenge of constructing the parking deck, including the structural elements, precast architectural wall panels, and window frames. Wall panels were designed to seamlessly blend with surrounding brick-dominated architecture: a noteworthy and aesthetically distinct holdover from the nearby historical buildings.

The project encompassed 74,570 square feet and was erected in less than two months.

Architectural Advantages of Precast Concrete

Tindall was the ideal choice for Petersburg’s Park & Ride project for a few key reasons.

First, Tindall’s in-house design team developed a unique, architecturally appropriate building solution to ensure the Park & Ride structure matched the surrounding environment. Since old brick exteriors characterized the surrounding cityscape, Tindall finished the precast concrete wall panels with soldier course brick to maintain thematic and aesthetic continuity. Tindall also implemented arched window and driveway openings with brick accents to ensure even greater scenic integration.

Second, the use of precast concrete as the construction method helped mitigate any challenges with the tight, urban construction site. Tindall was able to quickly and effectively erect the Park & Ride structure without impacting local traffic. Thanks to the inherent speed and efficiency benefits of precast construction, Tindall was able to erect the parking structure ahead of schedule, benefiting the project and Petersburg as a whole. Thanks to this accelerated erection schedule, the Park & Ride was available for service sooner than anticipated.

Lastly, Tindall’s architectural precast concrete wall panels guaranteed a uniform appearance in terms of its surface details, texture, and color. In addition to the primary panels, Tindall also incorporated decorative components to add depth and nuance to the structure, providing long-lasting appeal and durability.


The Petersburg Park & Ride parking structure became operational in August 2022, roughly one year ahead of its anticipated schedule. Tindall continues to be an established and well-reputed choice for all precast concrete structure needs. Our Virginia division went above and beyond for this project and proved we could handle the challenge of merging modern design needs with the limitations of historical architecture. To learn more about our team’s capabilities, get in touch with us today.

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