Precast Solutions for Industrial Structure Challenges

When an oil refinery on the Gulf Coast of Texas needed a 66-foot-tall framed industrial structure to support a 120-foot-tall pressure vessel, Tindall’s expert engineers thought outside the box. Working closely with the refinery project’s engineer and owner, Tindall’s team of construction managers and skilled laborers took the existing cast-in-place construction plans – which had the walls and slabs of the structure being cast at the site in formwork – and redesigned the geometry to provide a total precast solution for the project This precast refinery vessel was the first support structure of its kind in a petrochemical facility.

This precast concrete innovation saved the client money and time by reducing the total completed cost and helping cut the project’s schedule from months to weeks. With the petrochemical facility’s pressure vessel reaching heights of nearly 200 feet, Tindall manufactured the largest precast columns, beams, and ring beams we’ve ever produced to handle the complex wind and thermal loading conditions of the pressure vessel. We also designed and fabricated a special positioning frame that was used to assist with the accurate orientation and relative placement of the prestressed components during erection.

Our expert engineers and experienced research and development team at Tindall Corp leveraged the capabilities of precast, prestressed concrete to create and build this landmark total precast solution — and we’re ready to do the same for your next project. Schedule a Lunch & Learn with a Tindall expert today to get more details about this industrial precast project and many more like it. and find out how precast concrete can save time and reduce costs. See other projects that we’ve developed total precast solutions for, like data centers, manufacturing facilities, chemical and energy plants, and more to see what all we’re capable of. We’re always pushing the boundaries of precast, and our next big industrial innovation could be your next success story.

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