Dick’s Sporting Goods Retail/Parking Garage


Dick’s Sporting Goods


Abbot and Abbot Architects
Lantz Jones & Nebraska, Inc.


Armada Hoffler Construction


Virginia Beach, VA


Fire separation and moisture barrier between parking and retail

Fully fire-rated construction

Open two-story retail area featuring exposed structural precast

Bringing the
Outdoors In.

The job: Design a building that would conform to the Virginia Beach Town Center concept with a five-level parking deck, two-story retail space, high ceilings, and a massive atrium. Luckily, Tindall loves a challenge.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods and Parking Garage brings the bright, airy openness of the great outdoors into an expansive indoor retail space. To accomplish this, Tindall created a space with ample headroom, long spans, and a huge, bright atrium in the center of the store that invites customers to the upper floors. These elements combine to create a wide-open, dynamic retail experience.


The Dick’s Sporting Goods and Parking Garage construction features precast framing, including large double tees, that are used to provide long, clear spans in the retail area. Completing the entire structure with precast allowed the erection schedule to be compressed, and the cost of construction was far less than it would have been with structural steel or cast-in-place. Saving both time and money allowed the owner to quickly begin generating retail revenue to meet debt service sooner. Precast also provided the flexibility necessary to accommodate design alterations after construction began.

"[Tindall] did an outstanding job, all the way from the initial introductory meeting through the submittal process and erection. I don’t believe that we could have asked or expected better."


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