Lexus of New Orleans Dealership and Parking Structure


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Mississippi Division

Selling the lifestyle and luxury of brand-new Lexus vehicles can be difficult at best when the lot is under construction. That’s why Lexus of New Orleans chose Tindall’s precast, prestressed concrete for their new service department and parking garage. They needed a company that could deliver on an aggressive schedule, in a tight construction zone, with as little disruption as possible. They needed Tindall.


Lexus of New Orleans


Carl E. Woodward, LLC, and Case Design Group, Inc.


Carl E. Woodward, LLC


Metairie, LA

Lexus Takes Precast for a Drive

To achieve what the customer was requesting, Tindall developed the solution to stack a 250-vehicle parking garage atop the new auto service department. With the location being a heavily populated suburb of New Orleans, delivering a unique solution on a small footprint, all at a very competitive price, was crucial. Tindall’s design kept on-site disruption to a minimum, maintained the smallest construction zone possible, and saved the client both time and money. The resulting 50,054-square-foot elevated precast structure was achieved in a four-month design-build schedule, all while accommodating design changes after groundbreaking. Tindall went above and beyond to deliver with this structure, integrating a higher-than-normal clearance between the first and second floors so vehicle lifts could operate properly, a unique speed ramp with transition slopes, and a waterproof roof topping slab structurally ready to serve as a third floor when needed.

More Project Information

  • 50,054-sq.-ft. structure
  • Fully precast, two-story construction
  • Four-month design-build schedule
  • 15 pieces delivered daily from the MS plant, located 2 hours away

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