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Virginia Division, South Carolina Division

In 2021, SWA set out on a mission to construct a 12-story multifamily apartment tower with 189 units in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. With budget, timeline, and aesthetics all top of mind, our team knew this project would serve as the perfect opportunity to leverage Tindall Superior Lightweight All-Purpose Beam (T-SLAB®) floor system. By leveraging T-SLAB for all 12 stories, this tower became the first total precast project of its kind in the U.S., marking a new milestone in what’s possible with total precast construction.




SWA Architects + Speight, Marshall & Francis, P.C.


SWA Construction


Richmond, VA

12 Levels. One Iconic Story.

To bring this 163,000-square-foot total precast tower to life on a constricted, metropolitan job site, Tindall developed nearly 700 precast elements that could be quickly erected with just a single crane and a small on-site crew. These elements included load-bearing architectural wall panels, stair and elevator towers, and the T-SLAB floor system.

Unlike most precast structures, which are fully constructed in sections, The Icon was erected sequentially by level. The precast elements for each floor were installed in a “back-to-front” construction method, beginning with the insulated wall panels and ending with the installation of the T-SLABs. This process provided early access to each floor for other trades, dramatically accelerating the construction schedule.

In addition to providing long, clear spans for each floor, the T-SLABs also concealed MEP throughout the structure. This was possible thanks to T-SLABs unique design, which allows the internal lightweight concrete blocks to be omitted to accommodate bathroom installations, additional reinforcement, or mechanical, electrical, and plumbing items, further accelerating the construction schedule. In the end, The Icon was fully erected in just under 16 weeks.

Wall Panel
Lifting concrete onto building
Side view of Building
Above view of building
Setting TSLAB
TSLAB on Building
An Exterior view of commercial construction building called the Icon Apartments in Louisville, Kentucky

More Project Information

  • 189 Apartments
  • 163,000-sq.-ft. Total Precast Tower
  • 700 Precast Elements
  • 16-Week Completion Time
  • Load-Bearing Architectural Wall Panels
  • Stair and Elevator Towers
  • T-SLAB floor system

With ‘heads to beds’ such a critical item for these projects, Tindall was able to get our building operational and generating revenue significantly faster than all other systems we analyzed. While there were many challenges through the process, from design to logistics and construction, your team worked seamlessly with ours to solve any obstacles and keep our project on schedule.

Louis Salomonsky | Vice President | SWA Construction

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