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Precast designs cut construction timelines, increase efficiencies, and create a first impression that attracts business.

The Tindall Precast Difference

Shorter timelines, better bottom lines.

In business, it’s all about first impressions and beating the competition to the sale. Tindall precast is in the business of making the impossible possible and defying the odds. Precast components produced in a controlled environment are never at the mercy of the weather and are on the job exactly when you need them, saving time, money, and jobsite headaches.

No other material is better suited to make a striking impression. With its wide range of architectural finishes and colors, precast creates an environment that attracts attention, customers, and business.

  • Architectural precast concrete panels offer beauty and affordable design.
  • Long span system adapts to changing client needs, maximizing versatility of use.
  • Cost efficiencies free up budget for other design needs.
  • Environmentally friendly—helps attain LEED points.
  • Rapid design, fabrication, and erection schedules.
  • Achieves size and shape of commercial building required.
  • Versatile floor plans accommodate numerous applications.
  • Inherent seismic, fire, and mold resistance.
  • Lower life cycle operating costs with limited maintenance and reduced HVAC loads.

Project Profiles

New Hope Medical Office Building

Duluth, GA

The New Hope Medical Office Building is a three-story, 23,744-square-foot, total precast structure. The sleek modern design of the buff and grey building is amplified by the two distinct exposures per color. 


Two Buckhead Plaza Office Building

Atlanta, GA

This eight-story, total precast office building features a utilitarian, load-bearing architectural exterior, making it both functional and aesthetically stunning.


Exploration V and Mantech Office Buildings

California, MD

The two adjacent office buildings of Exploration V and Mantech are 60,000 square feet in total. Each 3-story construction was completed in just 25 days.

Glenbrook at Westfield Office Building

Chantilly, VA

This 60,000-square-foot, 3-story, total precast structure was erected in 19 days and features an attractive architectural finish.

Mission Critical Facility

North Carolina

This total precast structure’s requirements included protection against natural disasters and man-made acts without service interruption, deflection criteria, and aesthetic requirements per local zoning.

Silas Center

Winston-Salem, NC

To protect banking operations, Tindall satisfied security requirements with exceptional precast concrete wall panels and precast framing throughout that met or surpassed building code requirements.

Singing River Medical

Pascagoula, MS

After creating the design, budget, and specifications for this project, Tindall manufactured 150 insulated wall panels, with 10-inch insulated architectural wall panels on the exterior, designed to withstand 150-mph winds.

East Park

Tallahassee, FL

In lieu of EIFS or stucco, the owner selected precast for this project in downtown Tallahassee. Tindall provided many unique exterior pieces, like walls, columns, and soffits, to match the client’s aesthetic vision.

For more information on these commercial projects, download the PDF below.

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