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Nothing escapes us in terms of safety and security innovations.

Precast cell units greatly increase security and decrease project timeframes.

The Tindall Precast Difference

Innovative efficiencies.

Over the past three decades, Tindall-engineered cells have housed more than 65,000 inmates and detainees. County and state officials, federal law enforcement, and private prison companies have praised our work, quick turnarounds, and innovative solutions.

Fast-track modular construction means facilities are erected in record time, serving the community now and for decades to come. The versatility of precast architectural finishes allow for endless designs with aesthetic appeal.

  • Six-sided cell modules are delivered with specified detention furniture installed.
  • The interior of cell modules can be furnished and finished with a durable paint system.
  • Cast-in door and window frames are glazed to increase security.
  • Cell module floors extended to include cantilevered balcony on mezzanine level.
  • Multiple architectural finish options offer aesthetic detail for distinctive design.
  • Exterior walls can be cast with integral insulation to meet thermal requirements.

Project Profiles

Bexar County Adult Detention Center

San Antonio, TX

In 2017, Tindall worked with Butler-Cohen to create this five-story, 100,000-square-foot tower. This new addition to Bexar County Jail’s main complex features 500 additional beds, more classroom and medical space, a new magistrate facility, and more.


Richmond Justice Center

Richmond, VA

For this build, Tindall converted the CIP lower level to precast to support the upper levels, which saved the client considerable time and money.


Toronto South Detention Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Precast was the natural choice for this design/build project. With a private/public partnership, Tindall’s Georgia plant provided fully upfitted, architecturally appealing cell modules to house 1,650 inmates.

St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence, NY

Tindall was chosen to replace this century-old correctional facility due to the benefits of a total precast structure — faster occupancy, lower costs, and longevity.

Gwinnett County

Lawrenceville, GA

Choosing precast allowed for maximum aesthetics, and selecting Tindall as the precast provider allowed for a short, 14-month design-build schedule.

D. Ray James Prison

Folkston, GA

This 2-phase project provided 114 cells in phase 1, and 134 cells in phase 2. Due to Tindall’s expertise, weeks were eliminated from the timeline of each phase.

Santa Rosa Correctional Facility

Milton, FL

Tindall expanded the existing Santa Rosa facility by manufacturing and erecting over 62,000 square feet of safe, secure housing in two short months. This included 180 new modules, or 360 cells.

Graceville Correction

Graceville, FL

Tindall provided more than 800 customized cells in this 2-phase project. The project was completed months ahead of schedule, allowing for early occupancy.

For more information on these corrections projects, download the PDF below.

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