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Power & Energy

Supercharged innovation and unsurpassed dependability.

When it comes to power and energy projects, we supply the power of precast reliability and the energy of the Tindall team.

The Tindall Precast Difference

A controlled manufacturing environment for safety and reliability.

Meeting NQA-1 quality, safety, and traceability requirements is easier with Tindall precast concrete elements. All products are manufactured and monitored in controlled factory environments for complete traceability, eliminating the responsibility, liability, and on-site headaches of cast-in-place concrete systems. Tindall provides customized precast and prestressed solutions to satisfy any design criteria.

Our professional engineering staff can provide design solutions to a wide range of complex structures. With five manufacturing facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic and South Central United States, Tindall can handle any size project.

Specialized Precast Trench Solutions

  • Electrical cable lines
  • Communication cable lines
  • Service water cable lines
  • Utility cable lines
  • Systems control lines
  • Flumes

Containment Solutions

  • Low grade/high grade nuclear waste
  • Liquid
  • Environmental control

Electrical Duct Solutions

  • Electrical conduit
  • Electrical/communication manholes
  • Electrical/communication handholes
  • Electrical/communication vaults
  • Communication conduits for fiber lines

Special Solutions

  • Firewalls
  • Foundation slabs
  • Egress fire protection systems
  • Anchors for security cameras

Tindall Special Structures

  • Cooling towers
  • Elevated tabletop and machine platforms
  • Control rooms – including blast and fire resistant
  • Total precast administration buildings (including force protection)
  • Total precast warehouses, fire stations, and maintenance buildings
  • Blast-, fire-, seismic-, and storm-surge/tsunami-resistant generator buildings
  • Other structures as discussed with project teams

Project Profiles

Dominion Energy Center

St. Paul, VA

Here, Tindall utilized electrical vaults, junction boxes, modular ash silo vaults, and sump vaults, also resolving a transformer firewall system challenge for Shaw Power.


Santee Cooper Cooling Tower

Cross, SC

Tindall created an addition to this 50’-tall, 275’-diameter cooling tower from the 1990s, converting the original prototype to prestressed reinforcing and updating it to meet current code requirements.


Bull Run Disposal Facility

Clinton, TN

When an existing stream cut through the middle of a proposed landfill site, the owner and contractor turned to Tindall to house the re-routed stream in a 2-piece box culvert.

Cope Cooling Towers

Cope, SC

Featuring a row of 14 cooling towers, each served by a 36'-diameter fan, the towers showcase Tindall's custom design for specific projects.

Eagle Valley Combined Cycle Turbine

Martinsville, IN

Tindall partnered with CB&I to provide transformer firewalls for Indianapolis Power & Light, utilizing our value engineered layout of columns and wall panels.

VC Summer Nuclear Plant

Jenkinsville, SC

The scope of Tindall’s work on this project is highlighted by the design, manufacturing, delivery, and erection of four cooling towers, each standing 68 feet tall and 290 feet in diameter — equaling a staggering 220,000 square feet apiece.

Dan River CTCC — Duke Energy

Eden, NC

For Duke Energy’s new combined cycle power plants, Tindall provided electrical manholes, vaults, and Tindall-designed transformer firewalls and columns — all while staying under budget and on time.

Brunswick County VA Power Plant

Brunswick County, VA

Tindall and long-time partner,Fluor, provided a variety of pieces for this project, including vaults and a design/build trench.