The Dollar General Story

When Tindall delivered three months ahead of the competition, Dollar General came back for more.

The colossal Dollar General Distribution Center in Jackson, Georgia, covers approximately one million square feet. Typically, projects of this scale rely on cast-in-place tilt walls for the construction of exterior wall panels. That option meant a March or April delivery for the 466,026 square feet of insulated panels. However, Tindall stepped in to save the client at least three month’s time by ensuring a January delivery through the use of both the GA and SC manufacturing facilities.

By accelerating the original schedule, Tindall was also able to reduce site impact and erect the majority of the interior steel framing prior to precast erection. When it came time to install the precast pieces, Tindall used 560 10-inch-thick insulated wall panels. For aesthetics, a painted, smooth form finish was chosen for the exterior of the structure.

Dollar General was so impressed with Tindall service and products, we have been assigned a new project for our MS plant. When it comes to behemoth projects with aggressive schedules, no one can deliver with the speed and precision of Tindall.

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