Tim Gainey Moderates Bisnow Webinar on the Topic of Development Speed for Data Center Construction

On March 24, Tindall sponsored a Bisnow webinar on speed and efficiency for data center construction. Tindall’s own Tim Gainey, Business Development Manager of Commercial Applications, served as the moderator, leading a panel of seasoned experts in the data center space. 

Discussion topics focused on ways to enable speed at each stage of the process:

– Land acquisition
– Design and permitting
– Construction
– Commissioning
– Service and delivery

Time-saving solutions such as precast, prestressed concrete are more important than ever in the face of accelerated data center schedules. During the webinar, Tim shared some of the latest trends in precast concrete that Tindall is leveraging.

Watch the full-length webinar recording below to learn more about the latest trends that aid in faster construction for this evolving market.

Bisnow Webinar – Development with Speed in Mind for Future Data Centers – March 24, 2021


Tamara Budec

VP, Implementation Services, Digital Realty Trust

Michael Morris

Senior VP, Design & Construction, Aligned

Connie Taylor

Project Manager, Sabey Construction


Tim Gainey

Director, Business Development Manager of Commercial Application, Tindall Corporation


Adam Knobloch

Global Director, Data Centers, Bisnow Media

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