Tindall Corporation Engineering Department Advances with Key Promotions

Tindall Corporation has promoted Donavon Burns and Taylor Nunamaker from Design Engineers to Project Engineers. Burns and Nunamaker recently obtained their Professional Engineering (P.E.) licenses, making them two of Tindall’s 24 Professional Engineers.

“Receiving a P.E. license is a significant accomplishment that represents one of our industry’s highest standards of competence, a sign of their commitment to quality and attention to detail,” said Mike Milkovitz, Chief Engineer at Tindall. “Donavon and Taylor have progressed significantly over the past four years. We believe they are ready to accept this new leadership role.”

As Project Engineers, Burns and Nunamaker will be instrumental in leading precast engineering projects, providing technical considerations and guidance during the planning process. They will collaborate directly with customers and lead Tindall’s new engineering hires.

“Donavon and Taylor have expedited their careers by gaining their license at the four-year mark, which is the shortest timeline possible to receive it,” said Mary Ann Griggas-Smith, Engineering Manager at Tindall. “They are doing an outstanding job. We are excited to recognize their well-deserved achievement.”

Burns has developed an extensive portfolio during his Tindall tenure, ranging from total precast element design, to complex parking garage structure engineering. He has been involved in projects for a Dollar General in Jackson, Georgia, the Kellogg’s addition in Cary, North Carolina, and numerous metropolitan parking decks. Donavon graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Nunamaker has engineered complex parking decks as well as designed innovative precast structures, including the Badger Sportswear one-story facility in Statesville, North Carolina, the Hyatt Place parking deck in Greenville, South Carolina, and the Suffolk Bridge Replacement in Suffolk, Virginia. Nunamaker is also a Clemson University Civil Engineering graduate.

Tindall’s 24 Professional Engineers are registered in 20 states.

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