Tindall South Carolina Manufactured Over 2 Million-Square-Feet of Wall Panels in 2018

Tindall Corporation’s South Carolina Division is ending the year on a high note, having manufactured over 2 million-square-feet of precast, prestressed concrete wall panel systems in 2018. This would equate to enough panels to construct a 30-foot high wall that extends for over 12 miles.

These wall panel systems were crafted for manufacturing and industrial projects primarily in the North Carolina and South Carolina markets. This exceptionally high production level speaks to the Carolina’s economic vitality and expansion as a leading manufacturing region within the United States.

“We are getting to see, first-hand, the industrial development the Carolinas are experiencing, and we’re excited to play a part in that growth by supporting these companies,” said David Britt, VP & General Manager of Tindall’s South Carolina Division. “Insulated wall panel systems are Tindall’s bread and butter, and we are honored to develop these solutions for our customers”

These precast, prestressed concrete wall panels offer innovative and economical design features and construction solutions for Tindall’s customers. From harsh weather to fires, these high-strength, cost-saving panel systems can withstand numerous environmental stressors.

As versatile as it is durable, Tindall precast, prestressed concrete wall panels give architects broad design flexibility, and quick production time helps general contractors to meet critical deadlines. These elements speak to the system’s growing popularity as businesses desire a long-lasting, cost-effective building solution for industrial structures and plants.

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