Cheryl Lang Represents Tindall Corporation at University Events

Tindall Corporation’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Cheryl Lang, was chosen to speak to the colleges of business at both East Tennessee State University (ETSU) and South Carolina State University on behalf of Tindall.

Cheryl spoke as an alumnus of ETSU at their CBAT Student Executive Briefing on March 27 and participated in SC State’s Executive Speaker Series on March 28 to honor their 46th Annual Business Week. Both events focus on fostering student learning and professional development by providing speakers in the business industry to share their insight and knowledge. Each university’s session saw over 100 students in attendance. Select students were chosen for small group discussions with Cheryl to learn more about her experience.

Cheryl’s topics for these events focused on brand awareness and overall vision for Tindall along with her experience in the workforce. She spoke to the challenges of working with others and how to avoid communication clutter, especially when there are generational gaps between some team members.

“Having the opportunity to share my experiences with the students of ETSU and SC State was a privilege,” said Cheryl Lang. “I hope that my representation of Tindall and our team will leave a lasting impression to inspire them to be the best they can be in their future career.”

Along with her role at Tindall, Lang also serves as the chair of the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (SCACPA). She oversees the organization of approximately 4,000 accountants and has been a member since 2004. She has been on Tindall’s team since 1990 and has served on numerous boards and civic groups, including the Hope Center for Children and the ETSU Foundation.

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