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Loudoun County Virginia Water Authority


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Ashburn, VA

A T-Series Solution

Loudoun County, Virginia boasts one of the fastest growing populations in the country. In order to keep their infrastructure one step ahead of the sustained population growth, officials created a progressive and bold plan — upgrade the main sewer system with a series of sanitary sewer interceptors made from 72” pipe. To bring this project to life, they needed a partner with production and lifting capacity, logistical solutions, and years of expertise. That’s why they called Tindall.


It is rare to see a gravity pipe of this size. Tindall knew that conventional round manholes would be far too large and heavy for the job. Not only that, but they would make it impossible to achieve a watertight connection. Tindall’s innovative T-Series products were the solution to this unusual challenge, greatly reducing the size of the structure needed for such a large line.

Tindall’s precast T-Series products offer a smaller footprint than traditional manholes. This allowed the team to install each piece with unrivaled velocity and precision. Plus, T-Series products feature mechanical rubber boots that ensure a reliable, watertight seal. Despite the scope of this multi-phased project, and the unusually large size of the gravity pipes, Tindall stepped up to the challenge of Loudoun County’s forward-thinking infrastructure strategy with their iconic can-do attitude

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