Stone Brewing


Stone Brewing Company


Perretz and Young Architects


Hourigan Construction


Richmond, VA


Erection completed in just 3 weeks

79,000 sq. ft. of insulated precast concrete wall panels

Precast concrete contributed to LEED Silver certification

Versatile design aesthetics

Brewing Up Precast Concrete Solutions.

Located in the heart of Richmond, VA, Stone Brewing is a 220,000-square-foot facility that produces 600,000 barrels of beer per year. This project had a fast-tracked, 14-month schedule that required considerable planning to achieve, and project leaders tapped Tindall to get the job done quickly. Our solution? Harness the potential of precast concrete wall panels.


To meet the project’s ambitious timeline, Tindall worked with project leaders to evaluate challenges and develop custom-engineered precast concrete solutions. For this project, Tindall manufactured 79,000 square feet of insulated precast concrete wall panels that took only three weeks to erect. These sustainable wall panels contributed to the project’s goal of achieving LEED Silver certification, and they helped amplify the aesthetic appeal of the finished architectural design. The raw steel and precast concrete finish blend with the natural surroundings to create a warm and inviting setting. Large windows allow natural lighting to flow in, creating a fresh, open space that appeals to visitors and employees alike.

In 2016, Stone Brewing won the ACI Commonwealth Award, as well as the award for best project in the category of Manufacturing in ENR Mid Atlantic’s Best Projects awards. Projects for the ENR award were selected by industry judges based on innovation, quality, and teamwork.

"[Tindall’s] team was able to provide innovative suggestions and solutions to help ensure the project met our budget and stayed on track with a very aggressive schedule. Tindall performed as a true partner throughout the process, and the end result was one that the entire team was proud of."


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