SEW-Eurodrive Inc.




South Carolina Division

Starting in 2012, SEW-Eurodrive, a global leader in power transmission products and services, began planning a $20-million expansion for their Lyman, South Carolina campus which is, home to the company’s U.S. corporate headquarters. This expansion project included a 150,000-square-foot warehouse structure, as well as a 40,000-square-foot corporate office space. The challenge was to identify a construction method that could meet the aesthetic demands, functional needs, timeline, and budgetary requirements of the project. That’s when Tindall was called in to deliver the perfect precast solution. 

SEW Eurodrive Warehouse building in South Carolina




McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture


Harper General Contractors


Lyman + Wellford, SC

Two Campuses. One Versatile Solution.

The SEW-Eurodrive Lyman, SC campus structures were required to meet strict design criteria while remaining within budget. Precast concrete offered the perfect combination of aesthetic versatility, speed, performance, and cost-effectiveness. To bring these structures to life, Tindall worked directly with SEW-Eurodrive and McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture to provide insulated precast wall panels with unique exterior finishes that checked all the right boxes for this large-scale office and warehouse construction project. 

Since the completion of the two original building projects in 2012, Tindall has had the opportunity to support SEW-Eurodrive with additional expansions of both their Lyman and Wellford campuses in South Carolina. These expansions included a training and fitness center building in 2015, the Das Boot assembly building in 2019, as well as the Maxolution structure in 2019. Phase one of a warehouse expansion at the Lyman campus was erected in October 2022 and is scheduled to be completed in the near future.

By working closely with both the customer and architect, Tindall was able to provide a wide range of architectural precast finishes that visually distinguished each structure while creating a consistent aesthetic across both campuses. To achieve this, Tindall leveraged colored concrete, Formliners, and multiple levels of sandblast textures. 

SEW Eurodrive Warehouse building in South Carolina
SEW precast Warehouse building in SC
Exterior of SEW Eurodrive Office Building
Front view of the SEW Eurodrive Warehouse building in Lyman South Carolina
Precast concrete exterior on SEW training building
Exterior view of a precast concrete building called SEW Eurodrive Max Building

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