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Tindall Advantage

At Tindall, we provide the best methods, the highest quality products, and the most creative precast engineered solutions.

The benefits of precast, prestressed concrete are impressive enough on their own. But, when that precast comes from a network of five strategically placed manufacturing facilities supported by the largest, most experienced, most results-oriented engineering team — that’s when something truly incredible happens. For over 50 years, we’ve been meeting the industry’s most noteworthy challenges. That’s what we call the Tindall Advantage.

Tindall’s research and development team is actively engaged in creating highly engineered, innovative products that solve the most complex building challenges imaginable in groundbreaking ways.


Over 50 years of experience transforming challenges into solutions gives us an undeniable edge — one that gets sharper with every project we take on. Our experienced engineering team and diverse project portfolio provide the kind of expertise and safety record needed to be an industry leader. Tindall’s financial stability is as solid as the concrete we produce.


Precast construction ensures maximum return on investment by reducing time to occupancy. Tindall takes that a step further with the kind of creative engineering solutions, collaborative teamwork with our strong network of subcontractors, and impressive manufacturing capabilities that can dramatically cut construction schedules.


Tindall knows its way around a budget. Through constant innovation, creative problem solving, and a whole lot of hard work, Tindall lowers the total installed cost of precast projects to be more affordable than steel while remaining significantly faster than cast-in-place.


When it comes to incredible design, collaboration is key. That’s why Tindall works closely with customers to make the most of the advantages of precast construction. The flexibility, versatility, and broad range of colors and textures offered by precast create limitless options to bring visions to life.


There’s nothing we love more than solving a problem we haven’t faced before. Tindall’s staff of professional engineers work tirelessly to manage and meet unique requirements, including corrosive environments, heavy loadings, and constricted construction sites.

Why Tindall?

At Tindall, we love a challenge, and no one delivers innovative solutions like we do. With facilities located from Virginia to Texas, we’re able to handle high-volume projects, tight schedules, and robust design requirements. Our inventive solutions can lower lifecycle costs of ownership, accelerate schedules, and provide design flexibility when you need it the most. Think you know precast? Think again. Thanks to Tindall’s track record of success, companies everywhere are learning to leverage our engineering capabilities for unique and challenging projects where precast was once not considered.

"Tindall has been one of my most valued subcontractors for 25 years. Recently we negotiated a 1,000 car parking deck for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and they are currently working with us on a 1,200 car park at the Darden School at UVA. They have never missed schedule, they are cooperative and cost efficient, and perform quality work. They have my highest recommendation."


- Dan Niccolucci, Vice President, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

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