The District at Howell Mill Retail/Parking Structure


Mixed Use


Georgia Division

What do you do when a client requests one mega-box store, four big-box stores, and ample parking to be erected on a tight nine-acre metro site? You call Tindall. The District of Howell Mill planned a pedestrian-friendly, upscale shopping destination that would house the city’s first urban Walmart, plus several other big-box stores. To achieve this goal, Tindall crafted a solution that was unprecedented — stack them on top of each other. And to top it off, this economic design was achieved within a 10-month design/fabrication/erection schedule.


Atlanta, GA

Thinking Outside the Box

Tindall’s solution to this complex construction was to establish Walmart with a huge presence at grade level, close to well-lit parking decks, then stack big-box retail on top. They would be served by wide streets and pedestrian-friendly walkways. To allow access to the loading dock, Tindall created unique 140-foot spans to support 250-psf live loading and aid vehicle access on grade. The resulting 435,000-square-foot precast structure features three levels of parking, five stores, and seven different independent structures — all on just nine acres. The seven structures were separated in order to control vibration transmission, and portions of the parking area rated at HS20 live loading. Tindall’s ability to tackle even the most challenging of projects was proven time and time again during the construction of this mixed-use structure.

More Project Information

  • 1,746 precast, prestressed pieces
  • 435,000-sq.-ft. structure
  • Utilized state-of-the-art beams spanning 90, 110, 120, and an unprecedented 140 feet
  • Aesthetics reflect Atlanta’s landmark factories of yesteryear

“From the high quality of your designs, drawings, products, and fieldwork to the execution of accurate administrative details—every step and process was completed and delivered in a timely and professional fashion.”

John Cartwright | Austin Commercial

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