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Tindall teamwork puts manufacturing in motion in record time.

Precast is the edge that produces facilities faster, more efficiently, with greater durability and versatility.

The Tindall Precast Advantage

Innovative design flexibility.

Tindall’s solutions for constructing manufacturing facilities cover a broad and varied range of requirements. Precast, prestressed concrete framing systems efficiently provide long, clear spans and support heavy loads, and precast projects reach completion faster and more economically than steel or cast-in-place. Partnering with Tindall early in the conceptual phase gives you access to our precast design specialists who are the best in generating economical and high-performance solutions.

  • Superior framing technology optimizes span and load-bearing capability.
  • Precast accommodates heavy loads more economically than steel.
  • Precast, prestressed concrete framing systems facilitate cleanliness and meet federal government standards for food processing facility design and construction.
  • Naturally bacteria-, mildew-, and stain-resistant, precast meets USDA Standards for Class “A” surface finishes.
  • The mass of precast concrete provides an enhanced degree of thermal efficiency. Additionally, the presence of insulated sandwich wall panels results in reduced energy consumption.
  • Precast, prestressed concrete facilities outlive steel buildings due to inherent strength, durability, and moisture control, all beneficial to food processing plant construction.
  • To meet cold storage requirements, precast structures can include insulated precast concrete wall panels with very high insulating values.
  • Tindall bulb tees provide clear roof spans of more than 90 feet while supporting suspended loads beneath and equipment loads above.
  • Elements exposed to public view needing architectural enhancement can include insulated wall panels with custom colored concrete mix, brick, form liner, and exposed aggregate finishes.

Project Profiles

Sierra Nevada Brewery

Mills River, NC

Despite record rainfall that would have brought other construction methods to a halt, Tindall completed this construction on schedule, creating eight total precast structures and over 1,000 components with a variety of aesthetics.


Sanderson Farms, Inc. — Processing Plant

Palestine, TX

The Texas Division was the single source for design, fabrication, and erection of this complex project. The new construction spans across 170,000 square feet and includes double tees supporting hanging conveyor belts and miles of piping.


Moss Point Plant

Moss Point, MS

To accommodate very poor soil conditions, Tindall designed this structure with a light gauge steel roof supported by 120-ft. span prestressed girders connected to precast support columns to form a semi-rigid frame.

General Mills Food Processing

Covington, GA

Precast, prestressed concrete framing systems promote cleanliness and help achieve federal government standards placed upon food processing facility design and construction.


Asheboro, NC

For this food processing facility, Tindall developed a complex and creative total precast system to support the very heavy floor loads and meet stringent USDA requirements.

Bahlsen Foods

Cary, NC

Precast construction offers food preparations and processing facilities many advantages, such as being naturally bacteria-, mildew- and stain-resistant, and complying with USDA & FDA Standards.

Stone Brewing

Richmond, VA

Tindall manufactured 79,000 square feet of insulated precast cladding panels that took only three weeks to erect. These panels contributed to the project’s goal of achieving LEED Silver certification while also creating architectural appeal

BMW LC-1 Expansion Egress Pedestrian Tunnel

Spartanburg, SC

Tindall designed, manufactured, and delivered a 12' wide x 8' tall pedestrian tunnel in specialized 4-sided sections that allows safe egress from the plant to the parking lot.

For more information on these manufacturing projects, download the PDF below.

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