Tindall Awarded Contract for RagingWire’s Ashburn Data Center Campus Expansion

Tindall Corporation was recently awarded a contract to produce the precast concrete components for RagingWire Data Centers’ new campus expansion in Ashburn, Va., the #1 data center market in the world also known as “Data Center Alley.” This project for RagingWire, one of the most successful data center companies, further establishes Tindall as a key supplier to data center construction projects.

“As a major global player, RagingWire is rapidly expanding its portfolio of data centers that deliver the best possible solution of power, cooling, networking and security – at a price point and rapid delivery their hyperscale cloud and large enterprise customers require,” said Greg Force, President and CEO of Tindall. “As the provider of the precast concrete structure, we are excited to be part of the team building its next world-class facility in the heart of Northern Virginia’s famed Data Center Alley.”

Tindall will be working on two new data centers within RagingWire’s fenced, secure, 78-acre Ashburn Data Center Campus. The campus is planned for seven interconnected buildings with over 1 million square feet of space and 100+ megawatts of power. The VA4 Data Center, with 250,000 square feet of space and 32 megawatts of power, is planned for customer availability in mid-2019 joining the VA3 Data Center both located on the Ashburn Data Center Campus.

“RagingWire has a legacy of excellence that spans nearly 20 years based on the highest standards for data center efficiency, economy and performance,” said Kevin Dalton, RagingWire Senior Vice President of Construction and Critical Facilities Engineering and Design. “We trust the engineers at Tindall to exceed our expectations on all fronts.”

The Tindall Virginia Division plans to construct 516,000-square-feet of total precast for the structures’ flooring and roofs, including over 1,600 pieces on two levels. Tindall has partnered with Holder Construction, Corgan Architects and AG&E Structural Engenuity to complete this project.

These new Ashburn data centers will add to RagingWire’s extensive data center portfolio that includes three additional data centers in Ashburn, three massive data centers in Sacramento, Calif., a 42-acre campus in Dallas, Texas, a new four-story data center construction project in Silicon Valley, Calif., and a 19-acre property in Chicago for future development.

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