Tindall Georgia Announces Cherokee Detention Center Expansion Project

Tindall Corporation’s Georgia Division was recently awarded the contract to produce the precast concrete components for Cherokee County’s Adult Detention Center (ADC) expansion.

“It’s been a pleasure to partner with the Tindall team in the planning stages of this expansion,” said Allen Kronenberger, Construction Manager in Cherokee County. “We are looking forward to the results of their work.”

Cherokee County officials were looking for a construction partner with experience in the Atlanta market and wanted to involve a precast subcontractor early in the building process to assist with design. They also needed a quick and economical option for the expansion, which is why they chose Tindall.

“Tindall has proven to be a leader in the corrections construction industry for decades, and it is an honor to continue providing these solutions to our customers close to home,” said Rob Smith, VP and General Manager of Tindall’s Georgia Division. “From increased safety to structural superiority, our modular cells are best-in-class.”

The ADC expansion will be a 6-story building with three levels of dayrooms. The lowest dayroom will have 1 level of cells and two levels of cells in each of the upper two dayrooms. Tindall will provide a plenum space made of precast components between each of the dayrooms as MEP support space. The project will be a total precast job with approximately 40,000-square-feet of wall panels and 33,000-square-feet of double tees, or precast slabs, for the flooring in each of the upper two dayrooms. The expansion is also set to contain 170 modules, including (70) – 80 square foot front-chase double modules, equaling 140 cells, and (100) 4-man cells, a cell module which will be a new product for the Tindall team designed specifically for this project.

“Precision and durability are key when it comes to constructing corrections projects,” said Cory Paterson, Technical Sales Representative of Tindall’s Georgia Division. “Our team is thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver more modular cells solutions going into 2019.”

The precast concrete components are set to be erected within a six-to-eight-week time frame, which is an exceptionally limited amount of time for a project of this magnitude. Tindall has partnered with Jim Ingram from Studio 8 Architects as project architect and Ajax Building Corporation as the Construction Manager, and the precast concrete timeline, in its entirety, is set for manufacturing to begin in June 2019 with erection completed by December 2019.

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