Tindall Texas Division Celebrates 10 Years in Precast Production

Tindall Corporation’s Texas Division celebrates 10 years of precast production and innovation this year. Over the past decade, the division has persevered through economic obstacles to thrive in a highly competitive construction market.

“We have been able to differentiate ourselves in the TX market with the diversity, reliability, and quality of product and service we provide,” said Roger Knox, Vice President and General Manager of Tindall’s Texas Division. “We have realized sustained growth over the past 10 years and will continue to grow over the next decade.”

Tindall’s 50-acre property in San Antonio was purchased in 1998. After renewing and expanding the production facilities to 120,000 square feet in 2007, operations began on the cusp of the nation’s economic downturn. Initially, the Division’s focus was on the corrections market segment with precast modular cell production. In 2013, the Division expanded its focus to all market segments with a full range of products, mirroring Tindall’s other divisions. Today, as one of Tindall’s most efficient operations, the Texas division boasts a strong team of about 190 employees, tripling in size and capability since 2013.

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