Tindall Utility Division Utilizes NQA-1 Program in New Project

Tindall Corporation’s Utility Division manufactured APS hatch plugs for the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona, the largest nuclear plant in the United States. GC Carolina Energy Solutions approached Tindall to complete this job due to the company’s unique Nuclear Quality Assurance Level One (NQA-1) program, elite safety standards and production quality.

Tindall manufactured the precast concrete products out of their Spartanburg, SC facility. The pieces were transported to Palo Verde, AZ. Categorized as a life safety related project, Tindall’s precast will serve a critical enclosure, protecting the lives of the workers and surrounding community from the functions of the power plant.

“The only way a project of this caliber can be successful is through the commitment of a team at all levels,” said Jason Traxler, Customer Service Manager at Tindall. “The Tindall Utility Division is that team.”

“As a Nuclear Safety-Related Precast Concrete project for one of our customers, it was a challenge to meet all the requirements, but Tindall was up to the task,” said Tim Gunnels, Principal Mechanical Engineer from Carolina Energy Solutions. “[The Tindall team was] very professional, responsive, and thorough throughout the process. We were able to successfully deliver the final product while meeting all of the end customer’s requirements and expectations.”

Tindall’s Utility Division has completed hundreds of projects with complex regulations. The team is committed to bringing their partners a product they can depend on when the stakes are high.

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