Tindall Mississippi to Provide Precast Parking Structures for Louis Armstrong Airport

Tindall Corporation’s Mississippi Division has been awarded two parking garage projects for the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Our team is honored to have the opportunity to produce these structures for the Louis Armstrong Airport with the help of our partners,” said Ed Baldinger, Project Manager for Tindall’s Mississippi Division. “Our success comes from the entire team’s combined effort towards excellent service.”

For the East Parking Garage, the Tindall team will use two cranes to install approximately 2,200 precast pieces, including beams, columns, double tees, wall panels, and stairs. Each crane will be able to install roughly 70 pieces per week resulting at an increased speed of erection. The precast phase of the East Parking Garage began in late February 2019 with a 16-week erection timeline.

The exterior of this deck will have speed ramps on each side to keep the inside flat. It will be connected to the terminal by six elevators, numerous stairs, and a covered walkway.

“Tindall has been a valuable partner throughout the process of designing and planning for this next structure,” said David Evans, Project Manager at Broadmoor Construction. “Their team is attentive to the strict requirements of the build and specializes in making production efficient every step of the way.” Based in New Orleans, Broadmoor Construction was the general contractor for the East Parking Garage.

The precast erection of the original parking deck was finalized in January of 2018, approximately 2 months ahead of the construction schedule. It will also have six elevators, numerous stairs, an elevated pedestrian walkway, and an automobile entrance off the elevated terminal roadway on the 3rd floor. It is currently in the detailing phase of construction, painting the striping for the parking spaces and completing the elevators. The general contractor for this garage is HGBM-JV.

Both parking decks will total over 1,550,000-square-feet and provide more than 4,000 parking spaces when finished.

For over 10 years, Tindall’s Mississippi Division has produced outstanding work along the Gulf Coast. Tindall produced the precast pylons that greet Louisiana State University fans at Tiger Stadium and the Precast/Prestressed Institute (PCI) award-winning parking deck at The Park at South Market in New Orleans.

The team simultaneously maintains production efficiency while developing cost and time-effective solutions for their customers from their 100-acre state-of-the-art production plant, a true example of their best precast work.

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