The People of Tindall: Celebrating 60 Years in Precast Concrete Construction

Our journey here at Tindall began on a small acre of land with a handful of employees and a simple goal: do good work. Now, more than 60 years later, we’ve expanded to multiple regions, contributed to over 10,000 projects, and partnered with a diverse range of companies and brands, from local high schools to national corporations. But throughout our growth, our commitment to quality and that simple goal have remained the bedrock of our success. This standard of excellence is deeply ingrained in everything we do and in every employee we hire.

So, as we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we recognize the integral role our people have played in our success. Tindall owes its accomplishments to their dedication, and we are profoundly grateful for their incredible contributions. So, join us as we celebrate the people who make us great. After all, without them, Tindall would not be the company it is today — it’s as simple as that.

A Culture of Pride and Dedication

At Tindall, we firmly believe that a positive culture is the cornerstone of success. When our team members work in a supportive and empowering environment, they are inspired to produce exceptional work and take pride in what they do.

“Pride is a big factor here,” says Robert Warren, Safety Manager at Tindall’s Conley location. “The people here in the plant provide a quality product, and we want them to be proud of that product. So, we tell them — take your family and go to the stadiums go to the stores, and show them what you’ve done. We tell them to take pride in it because, when they do, they come back here, and that pride has a big impact on the quality of their work.”

And that’s something our customers see on day one. From conception to completion, we support our clients, collaborating closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure the solutions we provide will stand the test of time. We thrive under tight budgets and deadlines because our team members are passionate, proud, and committed to doing the very best job every day.

At Tindall, we understand that cultivating a culture that instills pride in its employees benefits not only its team members but its customers too. By taking pride in everything we do, we create a work environment that inspires excellence and innovation, allowing our team members to achieve their goals and produce exceptional results for each of our customers.

A Company with Concrete Values

Tindall’s unwavering commitment to serving its team and customers was not by chance but rather the result of deliberate efforts by our founder, Bill Lowndes. He understood the importance of creating a purposeful business from the outset. To communicate this to everyone, he designed a pocket-sized card outlining Tindall’s purpose and dedication to serving its customers, employees, owners, and communities. This card served as an introduction to our values, which became the bedrock of our company’s conduct.

At Tindall, we have five core values. We believe in Integrity, which means doing right by those we serve. Humility guides us to identify and meet our customers’ expectations at every turn, and our dedication to Family ensures we build strong relationships with our clients that extend beyond the completion of work. We welcome complex challenges as opportunities to develop cutting-edge solutions with our Can-Do Attitude, and our Positive Growth mindset drives us to innovate and learn in everything we do.

And though the specifics of our value set weren’t established until later, the framework Mr. Lowndes laid out, the idea that our purpose and values should be more than just words on paper, were there from the beginning, helping to create a foundation for the Tindall we know today. Every member of the Tindall family fully embraces our core values, and our commitment to service is evident in every aspect of our work. Our team works tirelessly to build a better tomorrow for all, from how we approach our projects to the relationships we foster with our customers and communities. No matter how much we grow and evolve, one thing never changes: We are “Engineered to Serve.”

The Tindall Coaching Program

At Tindall, we are dedicated to ensuring our employees reach their potential. By offering the tools they need to be equipped to succeed, we guarantee the high-quality work the Tindall name is known for. One of the ways we achieve this is through our Heart of Leadership Coaching program. Established in 2015, this essential element of Tindall’s commitment to its people allows employees to learn, go to school, and develop the skills they need to be their best.

“Our employees need to know they are valued,” says Greg Force, CEO. ” We reinforce this by letting them know we very much want to invest in them and we want to help them grow both personally and professionally. They need to know they are Tindall’s future and play an integral part in shaping that amazing future.”

Founded on the belief that a company can only be successful if its employees are successful, the program pairs team members with coaches they meet with regularly to discuss personal growth objectives and strategies in an informal setting. Paths to growth are identified, and ongoing mentoring aids progress toward these goals. 

“As it relates to our business, coaching allows us to develop our future leaders and build bench strength at the same time,” continues Greg. “Perhaps more importantly, coaching is one of the primary ways we can invest in our employees by helping them both visualize and actualize becoming all that they can be.”

Our investment in our employees ensures that they can become their very best and produce high-quality work that drives our success as a company. We recognize that our work is both innovative and challenging, and by supporting our employees’ growth and development, we can guarantee that they are doing the best job possible and providing exceptional value to our customers.


At Tindall, we remain steadfast in our “people-first” mentality, which prioritizes exceptional service and unwavering dedication to our customers and employees. We have achieved remarkable success these last 60 years that exceed expectations beyond anything we could have imagined, and we owe so much of that to the dedicated people who make up our Tindall team. By fostering a culture of growth and assembling a team of exceptional individuals who take pride in their work, we continue to lead the precast concrete industry with innovative solutions.

If you’re beginning a large-scale construction project and looking for a team dedicated to serving its customers, look no further than Tindall. Whether you need custom solutions to your complex challenges or stock precast components to help you meet your goals, we’re here to help. Contact a Tindall representative today to learn more about how precast concrete can elevate your next project to new heights.

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