Tindall Texas Division Announces Appointments

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Tindall Corporation is pleased to announce the reorganization of its Texas Division with the following leadership position appointments: Roger C. Knox, P.E., Vice President and General Manager; Greg Elliott, Operations Manager; Tim Holien, P.E., Engineering Manager; Gary Reavis, Project Manager; Phillip J. Iverson, P.E., Sales Manager; Raul Cabello, Project Manager; Rose Perez, Production Planner and Estimator; Derrick Lovin, Production Manager; Butch Haney, Field Superintendent; Bill Goff, Field Superintendent; and Phil Chmieleski, Sales Engineer – Houston.

With an average of over 25 years of precast concrete industry experience, the Texas team serves the Southwest US region with the highest quality, innovative custom designed precast, pre-stressed concrete structural systems for various applications including mix-use buildings, schools, industrial facilities, parking decks, office buildings, and underground utility trenches, tunnels, and bridges.

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