Moss Point, Mississippi: Home to Precast Concrete Innovation Since 1993

In 2023, the Tindall team in Moss Point, Mississippi, will celebrate 30 years of consistently delivering innovative precast concrete solutions to customers across the Gulf Coast and beyond. It’s a milestone underscored by countless examples of supporting our other production facilities, delivering award-winning projects, and overcoming monumental challenges to become one of the nation’s most capable precast concrete production plants.  

“It’s truly amazing to look back at the last 30 years and see where we’ve been, the challenges we’ve conquered, and where we are today,” said Mac Freeman, vice president and general manager of Tindall Building Systems — Mississippi. “It’s all thanks to our team. It’s because they show up every day ready to prove what it means to be Engineered to Serve.” 

This 30-year celebration highlights one team’s story of service, dedication, perseverance, and innovation. This is that story.  

Expanding to Biloxi, Mississippi  

By 1988, Tindall had already undergone two expansions, growing from a single precast concrete production facility in South Carolina to three with the addition of our Georgia and Virginia locations. In 1993, our team made the decision to expand production once again, this time to Biloxi, Mississippi. But when it came to the advantages of this growth, empowering the Tindall team to better serve customers across the Gulf Coast was only the tip of the iceberg.  

“With the addition of our Biloxi location, we realized we now had more than enough capacity and engineering horsepower to take on bigger, more complex projects,” said Freeman. “By working together and supporting the other locations, the sky was the limit.” 

Our Biloxi location quickly earned a reputation for both its ability to produce remarkable precast concrete structures on its own and its willingness to collaborate with other locations on new, exciting projects. 

“We’ve never had a problem sharing the spotlight,” laughed Freeman. “Collaborating with the other Tindall teams was a critical piece of the puzzle for us from the beginning, and I’m proud to say it continues to be a major part of what we do here.” 

In addition to their collaborative spirit, our Mississippi division was also known for their commitment to innovation in precast and prestressed concrete. Whether delivering a structure close to home on the Gulf Coast or supplying precast components for construction projects in Georgia and South Carolina, the Mississippi team approached each new opportunity by asking, “How can we do this better, smarter, or faster?” 

Weathering the Storm 

Our Mississippi team’s innovative mindset and dedication to cooperation served the team well for more than a decade. Then, in 2005, tragedy struck as Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast. Like so many homes and businesses across the Southeast, our Biloxi precast manufacturing plant sustained considerable damage during the storm. 

“The storm surge on the back bay was close to 35 feet. We all knew the damage would be severe,” said Freeman. “What we didn’t expect was to return to the property to find casino barges, debris, and dozens upon dozens of boats scattered around our plant.” 

With the support of the surrounding community, our Mississippi team came together to tackle the cleanup process after the storm. Within months, the plant was back up and running at full capacity. During that time, the other three Tindall locations joined together to show the same support Mississippi had shown them for so many years. By working together, no customer production schedules were impacted during the cleanup process. 

Relocating to Moss Point, Mississippi  

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the Tindall team made the decision to move the Biloxi manufacturing facility to higher ground in Moss Point. But rather than simply relocate, our team took this opportunity to take our Mississippi division to the next level.  

In 2008, we constructed an all-new, state-of-the-art precast manufacturing plant on a 100-acre site, complete with cutting-edge features like a batch plant, under-roof manufacturing, and automatic concrete delivery system.  

“Opening the Moss Point location felt like a breath of fresh air for our team,” said Freeman. “It gave us more capacity, additional product capabilities, and the ability to take on more complex projects than ever. We came back stronger than before, and we didn’t waste any time putting those new capabilities to good use.” 

Since 2008, our Moss Point team has earned multiple PCI Design Awards, expanded to serve additional markets, and delivered numerous high-profile projects, including The Park at South Market and the Walk of Champions at the LSU Tiger Stadium

LSU's Tiger Stadium black tiger statue

Tindall’s Moss Point Facility Today 

Today, our Moss Point team has taken on a new name, Tindall Building Systems — Mississippi. But while the name of the location may have changed, the team’s dedication to innovation and commitment to supporting our other Building Systems locations across the Southeast, South-Central, and Mid-Atlantic regions remains the same.  

In 2022, Tindall announced that our Mississippi location was opening a dedicated production line for our patented precast floor system, T-SLAB®. This meant that our team could now deliver this breakthrough solution across the majority of our operational footprint, expanding T-SLAB’s availability to Mississippi, New Orleans, and many other Gulf State markets. 

“The ability to produce T-SLAB is a major milestone for our team,” said Freeman. “After Katrina, we knew there was nowhere to go but up. Since then, we’ve continued to push ourselves and explore what’s possible with precast concrete. For us, this is another giant step forward in our ability to offer innovative, total precast solutions, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for us.” 

To learn more about our team’s capabilities, get in touch with us today. 

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