Spartanburg, South Carolina: Pioneering Precast Solutions Since 1963

Since 1963, Tindall’s South Carolina facility has been at the forefront of pioneering precast concrete solutions across the Southeast. From educational building construction to mixed-use developments, our Spartanburg facility has served as the center of operations for some of Tindall’s most INNOVATIVE AND CHALLENGING PROJECTS.

“It’s amazing to see how much our team has grown over the last 60 years in Spartanburg,” said David Britt, Vice President and General Manager of Tindall Building Systems – South Carolina Division. “Today, we’re delivering solutions that others might have thought were impossible with precast concrete. It’s truly an honor to continue serving our Spartanburg community and customers across the Southeast with never-before-seen precast building systems.”

Today, our South Carolina Division operates out of a one-of-a-kind, 26-acre precast manufacturing facility. Equipped with Tindall’s first dedicated T-SLAB® production line and 150,000 square feet of weather-protected production space, our Spartanburg facility is fully equipped to deliver exceptional precast, prestressed concrete building systems. See how our South Carolina Division laid the foundation for Tindall’s growth and discover some of the many iconic precast, prestressed concrete projects that continue to help set Tindall apart.

Where It All Began

For over 60 years, Tindall has been headquartered proudly in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Founded under the name “Tindall Concrete Pipe” in 1963, Tindall began modestly with little more than an acre of land and a small shed to its name. However, Tindall and its team worked hard from the beginning to create a framework or the business it would one day become. 

By 1966, Tindall’s manufacturing capabilities were expanding. Where initial offerings were limited to concrete piping solutions, we began rapidly expanding into other services and offering additional precast utility products. In 1967, we acquired our first prestressed beds and began producing prestressed concrete components. This altered the scope and scale of our future projects and allowed us to grow into new markets. Because of this change, “Tindall Concrete Pipe” was no longer the fitting name it had once been. With more services under our belt, Tindall Concrete Pipe became Tindall Concrete Products, and from there, the growth continued.

Bringing Talent Home

By the 1980s, there was a growing demand for custom, precast concrete alternatives. While Tindall had established itself as a manufacturer of high-performance stock components, the industry was transitioning towards a new era that required manufacturers to think innovatively. While some precast producers remained focused on delivering standard, stock products, we recognized the need to better serve our customers’ evolving requirements by redirecting our focus to customized precast, prestressed concrete solutions that had been previously unexplored.

As a response to the changing industry landscape, Tindall recognized the importance of investing in in-house engineering talent. While many precast competitors outsourced their engineering efforts, our decision to build and nurture our team proved to be a game-changer. This approach dramatically increased our ability to deliver customized solutions that met our customers’ needs, earning us a reputation for going above and beyond to meet and exceed expectations.

Over the past four decades, Tindall has consistently grown and expanded by establishing facilities in new markets to cater to the demand for innovative construction solutions. But, amidst the growth, our South Carolina Division has remained at the heart of our operations, located in the same town where it all began over 60 years ago.

Redefining Expectations

Since the beginning, the Tindall team in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has contributed to a diverse array of noteworthy projects, including total precast mixed-use structures, distribution centers, high schools, and multi-story chemical processing facilities.

The South Carolina Division’s portfolio of precast projects includes:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Medical institutions
  • Educational buildings
  • Mixed-use structures
  • And more

Project Highlights


Our South Carolina division collaborated with SEW-Eurodrive to deliver a customized construction solution for their 190,000-square-foot expansion project. We carefully considered the aesthetic demands, functional needs, timeline, and budgetary requirements of the project to provide a tailored solution that exceeded expectations.


To bring this 163,000-square-foot total precast tower to life on a tight, metropolitan job site, Tindall leveraged the power of T-SLAB® to develop a cutting-edge building system that could be quickly erected with just a single crane and a small on-site crew.


MUSC faced unique challenges when designing its new mixed-use facility in historic downtown Charleston. Tindall’s solution for this high-density structure was tailored to meet MUSC’s needs while complementing the surrounding architecture.


Western Carolina University needed three new multi-story dorm buildings to accommodate its growing student body. Tindall produced nearly 1,700 precast concrete components, including load-bearing insulated wall panels, beams, and T-SLAB®s, to get the job done.

Embracing Change for Future Opportunities

In 2022, Tindall took a significant step forward by officially becoming two distinct business groups: Tindall Building Systems and Tindall Infrastructure. Tindall Building Systems combined Tindall’s five prestressed divisions, offering expanded product capabilities and engineering horsepower to meet the needs of new market segments. From residential to manufacturing, Tindall Building Systems set out to bring fully customized precast solutions to the greater construction industry.

Meanwhile, Tindall’s Utility Division, once located at Tindall’s South Carolina Division, became Tindall Infrastructure. This team is dedicated to using cutting-edge automation technology and operational enhancements to deliver even more custom solutions than ever before. With the launch of our sixth location, the Infrastructure Manufacturing Facility, in 2021, Tindall Infrastructure now has the capacity, technology, and engineering horsepower to deliver the next generation of precast infrastructure solutions.

This change in corporate structure dramatically increased our opportunities for focused growth and greatly enhanced our capabilities to react positively to a changing construction landscape. It demonstrated that Tindall is more than a provider of precast concrete products — we’re industry leaders developing cutting-edge building systems and infrastructure solutions.

South Carolina Division Today

Today, Tindall Building Systems’ South Carolina Division continues to operate as a hub of innovation — a spirit that’s driven Tindall forward since 1963. After all of this time serving the Southeast with cutting-edge precast solutions, Britt says he’s always excited at what Tindall will do next.

“We’ve done some phenomenal work,” says Britt. “Our team always takes challenges head-on, and we consistently deliver top-tier results for each of our customers. After seeing what Tindall has achieved these last 60 years, I’m thrilled to see what we will accomplish next.”

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